A Safer Minnesota

We are excited to see the Light Rail become Safer. We are proud of the Light Rail and deeply committed to making it a safe and productive part of the community. We hope to work directly with the Met Council to implement these simple and effective changes:

  • Introduce cameras to the Driver’s cabin
  • Improve visibility and consistency of rail operator signals
  • Introduce consistent and identifiable paint schemes on the ends of cars to improve visibility
  • Add automatic braking mechanisms to prevent operator error at a stop signal or other collisions

We hope the Met Council can see the value in simple safety upgrades like this and implement them without hesitation. If change cannot be made, we look forward to continuing making improvements through legislative action.

Thank you to Sheer Dance, Star Tribune, and JusticeForNic.com for reminding Minnesota of these safety concerns and what can be done to operate the Light Rail safely.